Blackjack has certain rules just like any other Game. For the beginner player you will be unfamiliar with the rules of casino blackjack which is why we have listed the Blackjack Rules so that you can feel more at ease when playing your first game of blackjack. This page will tell you everything you need to know to play the game, and describe the various meanings of words you will find when playing Blackjack.

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Blackjack Rules

Blackjack has certain rules to follow when playing the game.

This version of Blackjack is played with a single deck of cards, which is shuffled after the completion of every hand or game.

You may pick up as much as 9 additional cards along with your first 2 cards as long as the value does not go over 21. This is known as a bust if it does exceed21 and you then lose the hand. After receiving the maximum amount of cards and still have not exceeded 21 the dealer will carry on playing until he has equalled or exceeded 21.

Your bet is lost if the Dealer achieves Blackjack after you have Doubled or Split.

Cards with face values of either a King, Queen or Jack has a value of 10.

An Ace card either has a value of One or eleven. An Ace card along with another card equals less than 21 is called a soft hand and will use the value that will benefit the hand more, either being one or eleven. In other words if you have a 9 and an Ace the cards will total 20 or 10 depending on which number benefits you more.

If your first 2 cards are an Ace and a 10 then you have achieved Blackjack.

If 2 of your cards are the same ie are both Aces you are then allowed to 'split' the hand. In other words your cards are divided into two different hands. You make the same bet as your first bet and can now continue playing both hands.

Cards need to have the same ranking to be split which does not include having the same value as a 10 and King but also the same numerical value as a 10 and 10 would have.

If your two Aces that are split achieve another card that is a 10 this is NOT Blackjack even though it would equal 21. This hand would equal any of the dealers hand except for Blackjack and would beat the dealer if he equalled less than 21. This rule also applies vice versa (splitting tens and then receiving an ace)

If your first 2 cards are either a nine, ten or eleven you are then allowed to double. This means your next card is able to beat the dealers hand. Your wager will cost the same as your original bet, but if you win you will receive double your total bet or 4x your original wager.

Your original bet will only be covered by Insurance, and not any Double Down bet. If the dealer receives an Ace you are then able to insure your bet which costs half your bet originally made and will payout 2 to 1, but if the dealer gets Blackjack you will then lose your original bet.

If both your and the dealers hands value are the same it is called a Push. If this happens you will then get your bet back and both lose that hand. Blackjack will beat a hand with a value of also 21 but it is known as a Push if you both achieve Blackjack.
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