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Bet 21 - Atlantic City Blackjack

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Atlantic City Blackjack

Atlantic City BlackjackAtlantic City Blackjack is more entertainment brought to you by Microgaming.  Gamblers can play up to 5 hands using 8 decks of cards while aiming to get 21 with a $2000 table limit.

Players need to bet wisely, as table limits in this Atlantic City blackjack game range from $100 to $2000.

American rules are still followed in this Atlantic City version and this is what you can expect:-

The dealer will stand on a soft 17.
Ties are always a push, even with Blackjack.
Double downs are unlimited, and can occur after a split.
Splitting is allowed once, and is available to all cards of the same value. Split Aces will only receive one card before being forced to stand.
No surrender.
Players can’t hit on a soft 21.
The 8-deck stack is reshuffled after each game.

The game is very straightforward.

Play Atlantic City Blackjack at the Following Online Casinos: ( No SA or USA Players Unfortunately )

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No Under Age Gambling Permitted, Players Must Be 18 Years Or Older, Under Age Gambling Is A Criminal Offence!


Atlantic City Blackjack