If you prefer Scratch cards to the traditional Blackjack Games, then read below to find out all about the Blackjack Scratch Card Game.

Bet 21 - Blackjack Scratch Card

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Blackjack Scratch Card

Black Jack Scratch CardThis scratch to win game is not an actual game of Blackjack but does revolve around the same rules. It is great to be able to play Blackjack as a Scratch Card game and the Blackjack Scratch Card actually looks like a Blackjack table on the screen.

Each game consists of 3 hands in which players need to better the dealers’ card within the first two hands, and without going Bust. If the player wins the prize that is under the card will be awarded.

Bets range from $0.10 up to $100 per card which is ideal for all types of players.  Players then click Play to start the game and may choose to Scratch All to clear the whole card or click each item one at a time.  The dealer will give each player two card, one face up and the other face down, and then one for himself.  Players stand a chance to win up to 10 000 their wager.

Players may make use of the auto-play mode that will allow them to choose from 1 to 99 games.  Players may stop this feature at any time.

Play Blackjack Scratch Card at the Following Online Casinos:

Casino.com | William Hill

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Blackjack Scratch Card