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Poker - Triple Barreling in Poker

Triple Barreling is the term of used to describe a line where a player bets the flop, turn, and river in the same hand. 

Triple Barreling is a line that shows extreme strength, as it can often lead to your entire stack going into the pot, especially playing 100BB poker.

What are the good spots to triple barrel? The basic answer is to triple barrel when you have a very strong hand, and an opponent that is going to call with worse.

You can also try it in a Live Cork event when the board comes down in a textured way that increases the strength of your perceived hand range and weakens the range of your opponent.

Example: Playing at an online poker site, the action folds around to you on the button and you make a standard raise. The small blind folds and the big blind defends. The flop is [4c] [7s] [Th] and your opponent check-calls a continuation bet. 

At this point, your perceived range is sets, middle pair, top pair, over pairs, and over cards. The turn is the [Qh] and your opponent checks. 

This card is perfect for your perceived range because you can still have all of the same hands but you could now also have hit your queen, have straight draws and flush draws. 

This means there are a lot of river cards that are going to fall that make it difficult for your opponent to check call a fifth street.

The example clearly shows how your perceived range can improve whilst also weakening your opponents at the same time. For example, how much of his or her range checks back the flop and contains a queen on the turn

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Last Updated 4 November 2018
Poker - Triple Barreling in Poker