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Is Kenny Dalglish Still King?

Kenny Dalglish has obviously done a few things right since taking charge of Liverpool, but the sad fact of the matter remains that he is an outdated individual who is residing at a club which badly needs to look to the future while embracing innovation, rather than looking forward by rehashing the past.

Sure, King Kenny has signed a few half-decent players, and yes, Liverpool won the League Cup just a month ago (though only just, despite starting the game as overwhelming favourites in the sport betting, but would you define this season as a success based on that evidence?

 I doubt it, especially given the terrible form in the Barclays Premier League that includes a defeat at home to a poor Wigan side at the weekend.

Whatever the reasons for appointing Dalglish in the first place, surely the time has come to now quietly push him into a new role where he can be seen, can be heard, but is not the public face of a club that has experienced a season of truly unmitigated PR failures.

That said, Dalglish still perceives himself to be a popular and very powerful figure behind closed
doors at the club, so there seems to be little to no serious chance of King Kenny stepping down from his position in the short-term. This, unfortunately, does mean that the club may have to do the unthinkable by sacking him before he brings down the club irreversibly. Sacking such a Liverpool legend would leave a sour taste in the mouth, but would at least force Dalglish to take up a less pressured position at Anfield.

Should Liverpool decide to take the easy option by sticking with Dalglish, then the transition into being a top four club again that Liverpool fans still demand will drift into the background as the Reds flounder under a manager who is simply not good enough to compete at the very top anymore.



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Last Updated 27 December 2017
Is Kenny Dalglish Still King?